Mounting Instructions

Mounting Instructions:

First of all, you have to drill wholes for the plugs into the wall.
Put suitable wall plugs in the wholes afterwards.
There are bolts on the backside of the doorbell. Push them carefully into the plugs.
The bolts will act like barbs, so that a removal is only possible under exertion of great tensile force.

You will need a power requirement of 8 - 12 volt, which will be supplied by the in-house transformer for the doorbell, so you won't have to install additional lines!

Surely we offer alternative mountings as well.

Connection Instructions:

The voltage range for the LED is based between 8 and 12 volt! You can use either continuous or alternating current. Both are possible.
Attach the push button to your transformer by two wire connections (as described below), such that the LED is continuously lit.
There is a negative (-) and a positive (+) pole on the push-button (see picture). Usually the wire, which has to be connected with the positive pole, has a brown or red color. The other wire has to be connected with the negative pole. Connection 3 and 4 are intended for the bell.

Caution: We are not liable for defects after connection. Unfortunately we're not able to give any warrenty, since the push button is an electronic element, which can be destructed by incorrect handling. Each product is accurately checked before delivery.


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